Let's get personal


I’m a Charlotte native who still actually lives in Charlotte. I got my first I.T. job at the age of 17 and have been continously employed in the industry ever since. I attended UNCC and studied Computer Science. Outside of work, I enjoy photography, writing, gaming and travelling with my life partner.


One of the reasons I continue to work in this field is that I truly enjoy programming. I’ve developed software on many diverse platforms. I’ve coded in assembly language, ladder logic, and many high level languages. I’ve made web sites, Windows apps and more. Most of my experience has been creating line of business products. The last 6 years, I have been heavily focused on mobile and it’s my favorite platform in my career. I love that I can carry around my creations in my pocket and do awesome new things with technology that we never even dreamed of a decade ago.

As technology changes, I’ve continuously worked to educate myself. I believe that’s essential to a successful I.T. career. It’s also important to adopt new methodologies for productivity and I love Agile because it formalizes an iterative process that I think is far superior to Waterfall.

Social Justice

I’m a strong advocate for social justice causes and equality. I believe we are all better off as a society when we work together, when all children have food in their stomachs and the opportunity to get a quality education, when we are free to love whom we please, when people are not judged by their gender, skin color, economic status, etc.

I hope to find a workplace that shares these values.