Permission Testing on Devices

Resetting permissions to indeterminate can be tricky. Here's how!

30 August 2016
About a 0 minute read.

When developing an iOS App, it is important to code and test scenarios for permissions regarding location, camera access, etc.

Location permission can be reset to indeterminate by deleting and reinstalling the app. Not so on the camera. Even deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t reset the camera permission. This makes repeat testing difficult.

While you can’t reset the camera permission to indeterminate for an individual app, you can reset for all apps.

The following will reset camera permission for the device:

  • Run the Settings app.
  • Select General.
  • Scroll to Reset and select that.
  • Reset Location and Privacy.
  • Confirm you really want to.

This resets all apps, and all permissions for them. If you have a device dedicated to testing, it’s probably the one you want to use for this. I would hate to do this on a phone I regularly use.

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