How can we make the hackers not win? Maybe this is the solution.

My earliest web sites were static HTML hosted on the likes of Geocities. Then I moved to a third party blogging site and later on this domain using Wordpress. Keeping a Wordpress site up and running is no small task in today’s world of hackers, spammers, and other evils. There’s DDoS attacks to fend off with CloudFlare, brute force attacks to block with various plugins. Injections, cross scripting, and a host of other vulnerabilities to guard against. Ultimately, it becomes overwhelming for a hobbyist site. So, the time has come for me to circle back around.

Starting today, I’m using Jekyll to build a static site and serve it without need of anything more than caching. And thanks to CloudFlare’s always on technology and worldwide CDN, it should all still work just fine even if my host site is down.

While my old site had posts dating back to 2005, most were not very relevant in today’s world – consisting of old posts about software and technology that is long obsolete. I did however, move a few posts over from the old site. Just wanted to explain why there are huge gaps in the dates and so few posts.