Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

iOS App in Swift

2 December 2018


  • iOS
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • JSON
  • XML
  • git
  • AppStore deployment
About a 1 minute read.


  • Heavily used by library patrons.
  • Citizens easily able to search for and reserve items from their phones.


The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library iOS app was developed by an outside vendor using grant funds. However, the library made no provisions for ongoing support and enhancements.

While my organization was not obligated to, we decided to step in and help. My role has been to work with the product owner to determine enhancements to the app, to code them, and to update technology.

My work included:

  • Fixing the original vendor’s UI bugs that became apparent when Apple released new phone sizes.
  • Updated code from Swift 2 to current Swift version.
  • Created iPad compatible version to make the app universal.
  • Added bar code reader that allows patrons to scan library cards instead of typing card number. This required using third party libraries due to uncommon bar code standard used by the library.
  • Updated third party libraries and replaced one that was no longer supported.
  • Added several user experience improvements and features.
  • App build and deployment via the Apple AppStore.

Our organization also created an Android version of the app, and I was team lead on that project, but did not write any of the code for the Android version.

NOTE: The app connects to three different third party services, all of which, at times, have experienced reliability issues. Most negative reviews on the app store are the result of the failures of these services. Of particular frustration is a server side glitch that continually fails logins even though patrons enter the correct credentials. This is completely outside the control of the client side app.