iOS App in Objective-C

1 December 2018


  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • Xcode
  • JSON
  • RESTful WebAPI
  • Microsoft .NET
  • SQLServer
  • T-SQL
  • git
  • AppStore deployment
About a 1 minute read.


  • First iOS app released by the organization.
  • Citizens saved from having to view PDF’s on their phones.


MeckVotes (Sunsetted) was an iPhone app created for the Board of Elections (BOE) in 2013. As the BOE staff have a habit of posting valuable information on their web site in PDF format, not realizing that the majority of citizens consume the Internet via mobile devices, this project provided a convenient and interactive way for citizens to:

  • Verify they are registered to vote.
  • Determine their polling location by entering their address.
  • View their elected officials contact information and, at the tap of a button, call, or email specific representatives.
  • View early voting locations, see hours of operation on specific days and get driving directions.
  • Quickly access links to responsive web pages displaying real time election results.
  • Set reminders for voting.
  • Post directly to social media to let the world know, “I voted”.

The app was conceived of and designed by me, with input from BOE staff. My work included:

  • Design of all UI and graphic elements.
  • All iOS client code.
  • Web API code in .NET.
  • T-SQL stored procedures.
  • App build and deployment via the Apple AppStore.

The app was also used as a technology demonstrator as it was a management directive that our organization be more proactive with new technology adoption.

After the original BOE product manager left the organization, his replacement had no interest in continuing support, and after it became clear this situation was not going to change, the app was pulled from the store.

Side Note: It’s 2019 and BOE staff continue to think it’s perfectly fine to put simple textual content in PDF files instead of just pasting content into Sharepoint pages where it could be served in a responsive manner.