iOS App in Swift

4 December 2018


  • iOS
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • JSON
  • git
  • AppStore deployment
About a 1 minute read.


  • First iOS side project released.
  • Sales growing despite absolutely no marketing.


Unleash your creativity with NameDropper. Writing a story and need inspiration for character names? Try NameDropper. Several generators to choose from for fantasy, science fiction, contemporary and more. Create customized lists anywhere on your iPhone or iPad, then export them to other apps or AirPlay them to your Mac.

NameDropper assembles letters to form fictional names using any of several generators. Each generator is defined via a set of rules. Updates to the generators are distributed via automatic download from the Internet.

Despite the overall simplicity of this application, I built it will a variety of convenient features including:

  • Ability to create multiples lists.
  • Several name generators and the potential to add more without even having to update the app.
  • Export lists via several options.
  • An onboard experience that shows all the features.
  • Supports all iOS device sizes and rotations.
  • Enhanced keyboard with cursor keys.
  • Animations for a nice visual aesthetic.

Every aspect of the app was my work, from concept, through design, graphics, and all code.