• Welcome to David's Blog

    How can we make the hackers not win? Maybe this is the solution.

  • Flash Back to 2008

    Charlotte Pride was a much smaller event back when I was shooting in 2008.

  • Everquest Revisited

    Ten years ago today, I entered the world of online gaming for the first time, with my purchase of Everquest. I decided to go back and take another look at the game to see how it looks today.

  • Second Life

    For those of you not familiar with Second Life, the best way to describe it would be The Sims meets MMO. Unlike the failed Sims Online, Second Life not only allows, but encourages the players to create content for the virtual world.

  • Yay Me!

    I’m very happy today. During my Aikido class today, I finally earned my brown belt.

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